How to Master your Energy with your Monthly Lunar Return Workshop

How to Master your Energy with your Monthly Lunar Return Workshop



This is such a powerful, magical gift we each have that I have decided to create a workshop to go in depth with ways to work with your monthly lunar return for mastering your energy, creating life on your own terms, and letting your intuition and your vision guide you! 

Includes: access to live workshop + replay link (lifetime access) + pre-workshop packet

Rock your Moonth

What we will be covering:
1. The essence of the lunar return: 

  • Why it's so freaking special and beneficial for us highly sensitive women on a mission
  • What we can learn from it each month about ourselves, our paths, and our calling 
  • How to apply the energies of your lunar return to your life, your business, and your self-care for mastering your energy and staying in alignment with your highest visions

2. The tech/tools:

  • How to get a lunar return chart, what it means, and how to read it EVEN IF YOU HAVE NEVER READ A CHART BEFORE. Super simple, super straightforward! 
  • A free alternative option for those looking to skip the tech/astro lingo altogether but still practice this sacred ritual will also be suggested!

3. How to craft a monthly lunar return ritual that lights you up + sets you free: 
Nature spirit allies for your sacred lunar return: flower and gem essences, animal spirits, and elementals to actualize your highest potential throughout the moonth

💖💖💖The workshop recording + materials will be available to those who enroll (even if you can't make it live).
If you are an inner circle member, this is a free BONUS workshop for you! PM me to let me know you're coming ❤

👉If you've been eyeing the inner circle + want to join, you'll get this wrkshp + future ones like it for free too