Full Moon in Taurus 2017 Report for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Tonight’s Taurus Full Moon (12 degrees Taurus) reminds us to ground ourselves in the strong arms of the great earth mother. To love up on her mind body and soul. To restore the Feminine to a place of value.

As business owners, we are in a position of leadership. We are now called upon to restore the balance to the Divine Feminine in business.

Business as magical. 
Business as collective liberation. 
Business as planetary healing. 
Business as ascension. 
Business as female empowerment.

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How Astrology Works + 5 ways it can transform your life

Astrology is a connective tool, reminding us of the bigger picture and teaching us the wisdom within all of nature's cycles. 

Your birth chart can tell you who you are because it shows you the moment in time that your unique spirit was brought into this world. That moment was ripe with the tools, gifts, and challenges your unique spirit needs in order to carry out your unique mission here.

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